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a new church year is upon us and just like the new supplies and tools kids need for school, we often need to sharpen our tools and/or add new resources to our ministries to ensure we are Gospel-centered. so get that new year started, finalize all the details about promotion, and secure your teams. then,...
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Are Your Parents Legit?

When someone tells me how clearly they see my mannerisms in my adult son, I just want to apologize. Quickly the reply reinforces the comment as a compliment but I know how much I wish I had not passed along to my son. Neither he nor I can just walk into a store and buy...
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A Few Summer Camp Reflections

We just finished our middle school ministry’s summer camp on Sunday. After a good two days of recovery, most of which was me sleeping on the couch and drinking hot tea for my thrashed vocal cords, I found myself in major reflection mode. In no particular order, here are one youth pastor’s reflections from another...
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