Why I Changed My Mind on VBS.

We did VBS for 5 years in a row and stopped doing them for the past 12 years because we weren’t accomplishing what we set out to accomplish with them. Four years ago we started to do them again here is why we started again and why you should do VBS as well. We live in...
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Parenting Bored Children

If you are like most parents, you often hear your child complain, “I’m bored.” There are various approaches parents take in dealing with their child’s plight, but I found Julie Lowe’s simple response to her children’s boredom intriguing and helpful. She explains: We told our children that every time we hear the words, “I’m bored”...
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New Coaching Group – Apply Now!

2020 has brought an exciting element to our Gospel@Center community. Our first group has been great fun as we have learned together and explored what it means to be a gospel-centered leader. We will create another group for the second half of the year. This group will focus on leading gospel-centered kids’ ministry and will...
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