Coming Tomorrow: Theology for Kids Thursdays

Our Gospel@Center team firmly believes that kids should and can learn theology. Theology can be defined as the study of the nature of God. Kids can understand deep truths of the Bible. We believe that they need that foundation as they learn the gospel and fall in love with Jesus. Jen Wilkin says, “The heart can’t love what the heart doesn’t know.” For our kids to love God, they must know Him and who He is.

We also understand that teaching theology can be intimidating for volunteers and leaders. Even with a seminary degree, my kids have stumped me numerous times with theological questions. And often at the most random, inconvenient times!

We wanted to provide some practical resources for you as you help kids learn about who God is. We had the privilege of connecting with Julia Ball at this year’s Children’s Pastor’s Conference. Julia is a children’s pastor in Canada and blogs at She really loves Jesus and is very passionate about equipping others to study theology.

Julia has been gracious to agree to share several posts with our Gospel@Center audience to help us all grow in teaching theology to kids. We will be sharing one each Thursday and are excited to learn along with you!

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