If you believe that the Gospel is Good News to all humanity. That man was created by God for God. That man is made in the image of God abortion should break your heart. We hear much of standing up for refugees as we should, we hear much of standing with persons of color as we should. As important as those issues are, abortion is more fundamental in that it is the weakest of the weak. More babies of color in NYC are aborted than babies of color are born. In case you think this is a political issue it isn’t life as precious is a moral issue. How we treat the poorest of the poor, the weakest of the weak and those who can’t defend themselves is a reflection of what we believe about God.

I realize that many of you who read this have had an abortion there is forgiveness and hope and redemption for you. As well as for all of us who have stood by silently and not spoken in love toward you and in defense of babies.You are loved turn to Jesus for forgiveness and restoration, not a political party for reassurance. The church should be a voice of love and reconciliation for those who are broken by sin. If that is you run to Christ. In a sermon Several years ago. John Piper had this to say:

Powerful Gospel Hope

So let me speak a word of powerful gospel hope into this congregation concerning the sin of abortion—even multiple abortions. Hear the great climactic words of the apostle Paul heralded to sinners in Antioch of Pisidia in Acts 13:38–39: “Let it be known to you therefore, brothers, that through this man [Jesus Christ] forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, and in him everyone who believes is justified from everything from which you could not be justified in the law of Moses” (my translation).

There is forgiveness—all sins wiped away, even abortion, and there is justification, the declaration of righteousness, over against every kind of sin you have ever done. How can this be? The life and death of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, pardons all debts and provides all righteousness for everyone who believes. Those who have been forgiven much, Jesus said, will love much (Luke 7:47). Oh, how sweetly the post-aborted women and men in this church should love Jesus Christ!

John Piper, Sermons from John Piper (2000–2014) (Minneapolis, MN: Desiring God, 2014).

I pray healing for those who have been affected personally by abortion and it’s lingering effects of pain and regret.

What can we say? What can we do? Simply put speak up and speak with clarity and conviction. We must not match the irrational emotionalism from the Planned Parenthood Pro-choice crowd I am so thankful for the voice of my good friend Scott Klusendorph who is a prophet to our generation asking us to put an end to the modern day trafficking of human life that abortion is. Here is Scott’s S.L.E.D. argument that is immensely helpful in talking to those you know about the horror of abortion.

“Although it’s true the unborn differs from a born human in these four ways, none of them is a relevant difference. None of them justifies killing the unborn. Consider how each category is irrelevant to human value.

Size: The unborn is clearly smaller than a born human. It’s hard to reason how a difference in size, though, disqualifies someone from being a person. A four year-old is smaller than a fourteen year-old. Can we kill her because she’s not as big as a teenager? No, because a human being’s value is not based on their size. She’s still equally a person even though she differs in that characteristic. In the same way, the unborn is smaller than a four year-old. If we can’t kill the four-year old because she’s smaller, then we can’t kill the unborn because she’s smaller either.

Level of development: The unborn is also less developed than a born human being. How does this fact, though, disqualify the unborn from personhood? A four year-old girl can’t bear children because her reproductive system is less developed than a fourteen year-old girl. That doesn’t disqualify her from personhood. She is still as equally valuable as a child-bearing teen. The unborn is also less developed than the four year-old. Therefore, we can’t disqualify her from personhood for the same reason we can’t disqualify the four year-old. Both are merely less developed than older human beings.

Environment: The unborn is located in a different environment than a born human. How does your location, though, affect your value? Can changing your environment alter your status as a person? Where you are has no bearing on who you are. An astronaut who spacewalks in orbit is in a radically different environment than a person on the planet. No one could reasonably deny his personhood simply because he’s in a different location. Scuba divers who swim under water and spelunkers who crawl through caves are equally as valuable as humans who ride in hot-air balloons. If changing your environment can’t change your fundamental status, then being inside or outside a uterus can’t be relevant either. How could a 7-inch journey through the birth canal magically transform a value-less human into a valuable person? Nothing has changed except their location.

Degree of dependency: The unborn is dependent upon the mother’s body for nutrition and a proper environment. It’s hard to see, though, how depending upon another person disqualifies you from being a person. Newborns and toddlers still depend upon their parents to provide nutrition and a safe environment. Indeed, some third-world countries require children to be breast fed because formula is not available. Can a mother kill her newborn son because he depends on her body for nutrition? Or, imagine you alone witnessed a toddler fall into a swimming pool. Would you be justified in declaring him not valuable simply because he depended on you for his survival? Of course not! Since the unborn depends on his mother in the same way, it’s not reasonable to disqualify his value either.
Notice that although toddler and teens differ from each other in the four SLED categories, we don’t disqualify toddlers from personhood. Since born and unborn humans differ in exactly the same ways, we can’t disqualify the unborn from personhood either.

The SLED tactic exposes the argument for abortion for what it really is: unjust discrimination. Abortion-choice advocates deny that all human beings are valuable and deserve protection. Which ones don’t qualify? The ones that are too small, not developed enough, in the wrong location, and are too dependent on other people. In other words, the human beings that satisfy the SLED Test’s criteria are the ones that don’t make the cut.”

Please speak out, please speak up, never stop praying that God would have mercy on our country and all those affected by the sin of abortion.

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