Jana Magruder’s research in the book Nothing Less revealed that the greatest determiner in a child’s spiritual future is reading the Bible. This fact should not be earth-shattering to us, but it is a great reminder that focusing on the basics truly is what is essential for our kids. We tell kids a lot to “read your Bible,” but do we give them the tools to effectively do so?

We focus a lot on Scripture in our ministry. However, we have not focused much on kids reading and studying the Bible for themselves. I was inspired by Danielle Bell’s Eat the Book Challenge which she found on wearekidmin.com (isn’t it great how we share!). As summer approached and our Wednesday programming wound down, we wanted an opportunity for kids to personally dig into God’s Word.

Last week we began the Summer Bible Challenge for our elementary kids. We provided a 25 day devotional through the book of James. For preschoolers and early readers, we have a separate challenge in which they read 25 stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible with a parent.

We added the incentive of a party at a local ice cream shop at the end of July. You can find copies of our devotions and challenges here.

There are many resources out there to help kids get into God’s Word. It is our job to help equip them and develop that habit. We would love to hear your ideas for how you help kids and families develop this spiritual discipline.

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