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The Purpose

To Connect leaders from around the country who are like-minded in their belief that the Gospel should be the center of everything we do and say. Size of the church doesn’t matter. The curriculum of choice doesn’t matter. The Gospel at Center matters.

To Grow in our knowledge of an application of the gospel by learning from fellow practicers how to deepen the influence and reach of the gospel in our kids, youth and families.

To Influence the broader church with the life-changing message of the Gospel by challenging thought leaders to leverage our influence, not for our platform but to be change agents in the tribes we represent

To Infuse our tribes with the “why” and the “what” behind the ever-present “how’s” of ministry. Our desire is to shift the focus of family ministry from pragmatic measurements to become more Gospel-fluent in our approach to kids ministry, youth ministry, and parenting.

The Plan

Gather a small group of thought leaders to create content and messaging that speaks to the Gospel as central in our lives and ministry.

Date: June 25-26, 2020   Postponed due to COVID now –> OCTOBER 15-16, 2020

Location: Spring Hill Church – 4922 Port Royal Road Spring Hill, TN 37174

Day 1: Idea formation. (Vision, Gospel Clarification and Ministry Application)

Day 2: Idea application

9 am-12 pm – 2x 30min talk, 30min interview, 30min small group discussion around tables. 
2 pm-5 pm – 3x 30min talk, 30min interview, 30min small group discussion around tables

First-Year Schedule
Session 1 – The Gospel for You
Session 2 – The Gospel for Parents
Session 3 – The Gospel for Kids
Session 4 – The Gospel for Youth
Session 5 – The Gospel in Your Context
Session 6 – Closing session

We want like-minded leaders from every size church, denomination, and tribe to connect around the idea that the Gospel of Jesus transcends our tribe and preferences.