The Voice of the Parent

Do you know the singular most valuable voice in the life of your child? It’s you. The parent.

It’s important to find valuable voices all around your children, and begin to choose who many of those voices are. It’s important to leverage what they hear from others to help them as they mature, and it’s important that you are picky with whom you let influence your children. But all of that is diminished if your voice isn’t the one speaking grace and truth in equal measure to them.

You are the champion of all voices, and as you seek God’s will for how to lead your family I’m certain that you will be given opportunities to say what needs to be said when it most needs to be heard.

I believe that you are equipped to be the voice of forgiveness for your children when they need forgiveness the most, because who else knows them like their parent?

I believe that you hold the possibility to direct your children in the way of wisdom when they need wisdom the most, because who else knows them like their parent?

I believe that you are the voice of love that your children need to hear more than anyone else, because who else knows them like their parent?

Begin to value the voices all around your child’s life, but see your own voice as the most valuable of all. When the full weight of that sets on us as parents, it draws us to seek wisdom for ourselves as we continue on the journey of being a parent. What a great journey this will be!

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