A Simple Gospel-Centered Christmas Devotion

The Light of the World

Use this simple devotion for a children’s sermon, Christmas Eve service, chapel service, or even incorporate it into your kids’ worship time. 

Supplies needed: One string of Christmas lights, but make sure it is the kind that will turn off when one bulb is missing.

God created the world exactly like He wanted it. He made creation beautiful and His people were His most precious and beloved creation. The world was full of nothing but the love and light of God (Plug in Christmas lights and show how they are all lit up and shining)

But, God’s people made a terrible choice. Adam and Eve had one rule from God and they disobeyed Him. That was the first sin. When sin entered the world, our world was broken. (Show string of lights and pull out one bulb) Our world was dark. People could not fix their own sin. They would try to follow God but messed up every single time. Sin separated people from God. They couldn’t be friends with Him on earth or go to heaven when they died.

The Bible says that people can’t fix their sin on their own. (Ephesians 2:8-9) We can’t be good enough or smart enough or do anything special to earn our way to heaven. On our own, we are left in the dark.

But God promised His people that He would send a rescuer. In fact, He started talking about it almost immediately after Adam and Eve’s sin. (Genesis 3:15) God made more than 200 promises in the Old Testament.

God’s people waited for centuries for the Messiah, the rescuer, to come. And that is what Christmas is really all about.

Read Matthew 1:18-24

The angel told Joseph that the baby would be named Jesus. “Because He will save people from their sins”. Jesus’ name comes from the Hebrew word Yeshua which literally means  “rescuer”.

That baby that was promised to Joseph would grow up and live a perfect life. But then He would die on the cross for all of our sins. Three days later, He would rise from the dead, beating death and making a way for us to have a fixed relationship with God. (Put lightbulb back in so the whole string lights up again)

Read John 8:12. Jesus is the light of the world and the only hope for the whole world. Have you ever asked Him to forgive you of your sin? Have you ever trusted in Him to be your rescuer? That would be the very best Christmas present. If not, talk to a grown up after today’s lesson.

As you see Christmas lights this season, let them remind you of what Christmas is truly all about. Our rescuer was born!


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