About Us

God is doing amazing things in the world of ministry to kids and youth. However, amid all of the options, issues, and complexities of ministry, we have grown discontent with a divided focus. We desire to serve kids and families with a simplified focus.

Simply Jesus.

Our desire is to create conversations, content, and community that empower gospel fluency within the lives of those who train and proclaim truth to the next generation. We want to both equip and connect with like-minded youth leaders, kids leaders, and parents who strive to provide a big faith that kids can grow into, rather than an overly simplistic faith they grow out of. We believe that all of the Bible is helpful for kids and all of the Bible shows us what God is like by pointing us to Jesus.  We believe that ministry can be centered around the gospel and still be engaging and meaningful for kids and youth. We believe that what we are called to do is too crucial to center on anything else.

Meet The Team


Creation: God created a perfect world. That He enjoyed perfect communion with man. He created all things and everthing He created was very good. 


Fall: Man sinned broke God’s command and sin entered our perfect world bring, sickness, shame, and death, producing separation from a holy God.


Redemption: God who is both just and justifier of our sin sent his only Son Jesus to live a perfect life that we can’t live, to die in our place and to make us right with God.


Restoration: We look forward to the day when God will restore all things. When He will make all the sad things in His beautful but broken world untrue.