Hello There, I Am Your Idol

It’s easy for the word idol to seem irrelevant to students; a bygone concept belonging only to pagan people of history. Idols and idolatry don’t have anything to do with modern folks like us. We’re past that. We’re secular. Scientific. We’re enlightened. We don’t live our lives in fear of silly little gods who are...
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Kids as Theologians

When you hear the word “theologian”, what comes to mind? If you’re like me, you envision scholars in seminaries. Perhaps you picture great minds like C.S. Lewis, Karl Barth & A.W. Tozer. For most of us, our knee-jerk reaction to this word doesn’t include the kids in our weekly ministries. In fact, if I’m honest,...
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Gospel and Abortion

If you believe that the Gospel is Good News to all humanity. That man was created by God for God. That man is made in the image of God abortion should break your heart. We hear much of standing up for refugees as we should, we hear much of standing with persons of color as...
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