This fall we will expand the coaching component of our Gospel@Center community. Jenny Funderburke Smith will lead a second group for kidmin and Sam Luce will introduce an option focused on youth ministry and family ministry.

When: August – December, 2020


What is involved?

  • Highly personal – The coaching group size is limited so that we can really focus on building relationship. Coaching will also include one individual call.
  • Highly interactive – Connect with other leaders to share ideas, learn new things, and have a safe place to share. Coaching groups will connect via one Zoom call per month, as well as an online discussion group.
  • Focused Content – Each member will be provided with three books which will be the foundation of the group calls. Calls will be a combination of instruction and discussion.
  • Highly practical – Sam and Jenny have both been in the trenches of church ministry for over twenty years. We value being open and authentic as well as exploring realistic solutions for ministry issues. Included in this cost, Jenny or Sam will provide one Zoom training session for your volunteers.
  • Affordable – Our passion is making coaching and training available for leaders, despite the size of their budget or church. This five month coaching group will be less than the price of going to a conference, and a lot more personalized.

Who should participate? 

If you fit into any of these categories, you should consider joining one of these groups:

  • Leaders who are new to ministry
  • Leaders who are facing a new season in ministry
  • Leaders who are desiring to move to a new level in ministry
  • Leaders who feel like they still have a lot to learn
  • Leaders who are looking for a community in which to grow personally and spiritually.

What will be covered?

Each topic will be approached from a framework with the gospel at the center. Areas of focus include:


  • Defining your Gospel-centered ministry
  • Gospel-centered teaching and content
  • Structuring your ministry
  • Leading volunteers

Youth Ministry/Family Ministry:

  • How God made you
  • How God called you
  • Who God called you to serve
  • How to serve those to whom you’re called

When does it start?

The group will run September – January of 2021.

What does it cost? 

The coaching group costs $549 for a six month commitment. This can be broken into monthly payments. The first $100 will be required as a deposit to reserve your spot.

The cost includes:

  • A one-on-one call with your coach
  • Five group calls
  • Three books
  • Online discussion group
  • One Zoom training session for your volunteers

Interested but the cost is prohibitive? Email to discuss options.

I’m in. What next? 

Fill out this short application and we will follow up!

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