Lesson – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: A Reminder From Forky

We know firsthand how hard it is to find lessons and ideas out there that are gospel-centered, solid in Biblical truths, plus engaging for the kids. We aim to provide more resources as time goes by which we hope will be helpful to you and your ministry. 

Scripture: Psalm 139:14

Intro: Call out specific traits and ask kids to stand if they have or can do that trait. These can include: curly hair, can snap fingers, brown eyes, freckles, can roll tongue, left handed, etc…

  • Lots of you stood for different traits. Some of you didn’t stand at all. None of you stood for all of them. We are all made very differently. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t really like how I was made. I wish I was taller or shorter or had a different hair color or was a different size. Let’s watch a clip of someone else who was made a little differently.

*Note: I’m using the attached YouTube clips as a reference. Please follow all of the YouTube rules when showing video clips to your kids. 

Show clip from Toy Story 4 of Bonnie making Forky.

  • Ask: Where did Forky, Bonnie’s new toy, come from?
  • Forky looks a lot different from Bonnie’s other toys. Was it an accident that he looked that way? No, he was designed exactly how Bonnie wanted him to be.
  • How did Bonnie feel about Forky? She absolutely loved him.
  • Because Bonnie created Forky, he was not an accident and he was deeply loved.

Show clip of Woody introducing the toys to Forky. 

  • The other toys didn’t understand what Forky was. Forky himself believed he was just trash. What did Woody say about Forky?
  • Why was he the most important toy?  (We had a sweet kindergartener answer this question by saying, “Her made him and her loved him”. I might have gotten teary.)
  • Just like Bonnie created Forky, God created you. Forky was not an accident. Bonnie created him just like she wanted him. You are not an accident. God created you exactly like he wants you to be. Bonnie made Forky and he was deeply loved and important. God made you and you are deeply loved and important.
  • Read Psalm 139:13-16.
  • When you look in the mirror, there may be times that you don’t like what you see. There may be other kids who tell you what they don’t like. These verses remind us that God says we are remarkably and wonderfully made. We are not accidents. We are designed by our Creator who loves us and had our days planned before we were even born.
  • God loves you so very much, in fact, that though we were separated from Him because of our sin, He sent Jesus, His very own son, to die for our sins.


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