Show Them Jesus

One of the best books I have read that help those who are communicating to kids the importance, the depth and the richness of the Gospel. The Gospel is not simply an event, although that event is conatined in the gospel, it is the unfolding story from creatino to final glorificaiton. It is the unfolding story of God’s love towards us. 

Gospel God's Plan For Me

Here is a great resource for use in your kids ministry and for family worship. Lifeway has created a simple accessable way to explain what the Gospel is in a way kids and adults can understand without oversimplifiyig the core of the gospel message. We can’t recommend this enough. Here is a post by Lifeway talking more about it. 

Gospel Centered Kids Ministry

Want a Gospel-centered kid ministry but don’t know how to get started? Gospel Centered Kids MInistry is a perfect resource to either begin or reevaluate your ministry’s focus. Brian cuts straight to the heart of what matters most and challenges ministry leaders to make the Gospel not only a priority, but the purpose for the why in all we do. Learn more about this resource here

Next Steps for Parents

Next Steps are deeper answers to basic questions parents ask most often. Have you ever wondered How do I talk to my kids about sex? How do I have devotions with my family? What Bible should I buy for my child? Where can  I get more resources to lead my family well? If you would like more information on these questions more like them check them out on

The Story Maker

The Story Maker animated children’s film is a Spread Truth project aimed at helping children understand the metanarrative of Scripture. It’s also the first of its kind to help children share the Gospel story with their friends and family. This eight-minute film will help children engage and share the story of the Bible and Jesus, the rescuer. Stay tuned to our updates as we work, and share our progress!