The influence of parents’ church attendance on their children.

I recently read a parenting book that was one of the best parenting books I have ever read; it’s called Gospel Powered Parenting.  I loved it because it focused on the Gospel and Jesus, not merely behavior modification. I also loved how it called men to be fathers. We have an epidemic in our country of fatherlessness. Our homes and our country are in dire need of men to be what God has called them to be. I believe the same thing to be true about mothers, but I don’t see the need as severe. The difference between men and women is that women step up when men step out, and society is pushing men far too many of us are advocating our responsibilities.

In working with kids, you see the evidence of fatherlessness everywhere Fathers who have left home for good, fathers who have checked out mentally and emotionally but are still there physically. Godly men in our culture have to do more than just be good fathers to their kids. The need is too great; they need to be fathers to their kids and someone else. It doesn’t matter who our next president is if we don’t have a renewal of the Gospel and fatherhood, our country will never recover from its self-inflicted wounds.

Here is a quote from Gospel Powered Parenting about the role fathers play in determining if kids will end up being church attenders.

“God holds fathers accountable for parenting because he has given them inordinate influence over their children. The Bible presumes, in the language of the Puritans, that fathers are a mirror in which their children look to put on their spiritual dress.
The June 2003 issue of Touchstone magazine published the conclusions of a Swiss study that confirm this proposition. It examined the connection between a parent’s church attendance and the future likelihood that his or her children would also attend church.  (below are their findings in graph form.)

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